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how does research work and what does it do? its a good game btw

nvm, research is the money per second you can speand I think

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God, that last one felt like forever. Finished it, it was fun! but the last one are still a big pain


Very solid short incremental! Really enjoyed it. If I had to critique anything, it would be that that the last research takes a bit too long compared to everything else up to that point. Was about a 15min time sink with nothing else to do.

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This game was really funny to play ! 

A bit sad that everybody get 4.3 stars at the end, but damn, you turned out to be an expert in Idle games Robin ! It's quite fun to see the IA starting to match instead of you, and becoming way better at doing it than yourself lol


This one was the most fun from the jam so far. I managed to catch onto it being a sort of Tinder AI simulator. Once I got that, then the game became A LOT of fun!

Oh you managed to get to the end ! Really glad you liked it :) 

It was really satisfying, too! I hope that you will maybe expand the game or make a sequel sometime in the future. Fingers crossed that you win the jam either which way :)