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hey, can you add a cheats menu?

if yes, ideas for cheat menu options:

1: make upgrades free.

2: make workers free.

3: instantly finish castle.

4: make workers 4X faster

5: make prestige upgrades free (but not the un-implemented upgrades as they should remain impossible to get as they would do absolute jack shit, a.k.a: useless if gotten)

and last but not least, how to open the cheat menu: clicking a certain cloud in the backgrounds sky(meaning you need to add more than one cloud, 1 activates the cheat menu, the rest are just decor in the background. nothing else)

Also If you want to speed up progress ive found that the saves are in Base 64

This is a great idea for an idle game. Had so much fun. Really wish you'd come back to this project and expand it, even if you only add more prestige purchases.

still broken at end game unable to draw anything...


Dang, I really thought I fixed it, apparently there was a second bug like it.
Did you restart from beginning or tried with the old save? Maybe it's corrupted (normally it wouldn't change anything, I'm asking just in case).
Other possibility is just that the calculation for the brick placement is too heavy: my computer can freeze 1 second when too much brick is placed at once (but at higher zoom level, not currently in game). How would you rate your computer ? Low-end, middle, high-end?


mid end and reloading sav


Thanks, will look into it

Fantastic game, but why in the world would you ever need the x10 or x100 for workers? You'd be grinding for literal thousands of years to get that far!

At the end, I only needed this many workers... with lumberjacks being OP and only ever needing 2.


Yep you're right ! I messed the clarity in the UI.
I wanted to let you change X workers from miners to builders, and while I was at it I did add also the possibility to buy X. But it isn't as useful. You can reach ~75-100 workers at the endgame, and with more content it could become useful again :)


I can't imagine how long it would take to get 100 workers

I got literally everything with nearly 50 workers and even then I was lollygagging a little bit. Was there hidden options that I missed once your building and bricks get to be about this size?


Nope you're at the current endgame, my ballpark estimate is a bit inflated.

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

I really did have so much fun with the game. I hope you make a number 2 or add to it in an update :)


Thanks !
I definitely have more plans in stock for this game, and hope I'll find time to slowly add them during the next months.

Well made litte game!

I greatly enjoyed both the graphics and the simple, yet usefull UI. Easy to understand and playable game, with the possibilty to get a bit creative, especially later in the game.

I managed to retire, just as my workday in the office was over, too. 12/10. 


This game is properly awesome.
The more you go, the more creative you can get. It's hypnotizing to see all your workers building your stuff.

I enjoyed those 2 hours playthrough, thanks you !


Crashed when I tried to assign 10,000 units to miners

and also brinks and lumber weren't being collected at an increased rate per unit added to them after about 50 units on them so would be nice if a mode that after so many units are added it stops trying to render them all and just increases the resource values. Would help with lag and let me be able to insta build things well as fast as building could be.


closed it last night now when loading the ui dissapears right away and all i can see is the backround


Sorry for that, your save must be corrupted. I added a save verification, but it seems it wasn't enough.
If you would like to restart, you can open the console and type "saveHandler.erase()" and reloading should work.


Stops working at last size upgrade as you cant draw anything anymore...

otherwise really fun for how simple it was <3!!!

Thanks ! Really glad you liked it !
And sorry for that, I'll try to fix this bug.


Just saying that it did not happen for me. I finished the game without problems. It seems you have put at least "some" effort into optimizing some things. I had like a thousand workers running all over the place, smoothly, without problems. Kudos.

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This is what I found in the console stacktrace when this happens:

main.js:2349 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The HTMLImageElement provided is in the 'broken' state.

    at Object.draw (

    at Object.drawBackground (

    at Object.drawFirstPaint (

    at drawScreen (

    at Object.core (

    at animate (

Thanks for helping me, I hope the bug is corrected now.

I was able to complete the game and it's really a lot of fun. Thanks for making something cool.