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I think I ended up with a  pretty okay setup. I still have no clue what the weather center did outside of giving information about the storm


Building the weather center opens storm stats and some upgrades (lightning frequency and others). I think I had more plans for it at the time, but as the game was for a game jam I had not enough time to add all.

I am not sure if I'm just far too tired tonight to understand or if this game is in need of a tutorial. I bought a few lightening rods.  My game happiness is zero. I have no idea what's going on, but I feel like this would be way more fun if I knew how to play.  Still fun even if I have no idea but yeah it could do with some instruction please?

Well I bought all the upgrades and filled all the slots. I would have liked some kind of ending notification instead of wondering if something else eventually unlocks, but I suppose this is the end.

A couple comments. It seems having more than one weather center doesn't do anything. I didn't notice the augmentation upgrades doing anything. It'd be nice if there was a few more ways to manipulate lightning strikes beside the tesla towers.

I wound up with negative electricity, generating negative money over time. O_o

To reproduce: Destruct a battery while it is under construction.  May or may not require other batteries to already be built.

Absolutely baffling.