Manage a supermarket in a fictional east country, in the 80s.
Receive product allotments from the government, and try to make banks with ration tickets.
Made for the Summer Incremental Game Jam 2021 with the theme Running Out Of
- Don't be afraid to anger customers with increased price, even if more will eventually try to rob you
- Always keep an eye on the Deals tab for correct deals

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsIdle, Incremental, Management, upgrades

Development log


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At first, I didn’t get the grip of this game, but after having been transported to the gulag a couple of times for “rehabilitation”, I learned to obey the Great Leader. Enjoyed it.

Great game, love the story, wish it were longer.

It took until I came here and checked the comments to realize the money in the game is called tickets. I was like how do i get 2k tickets, maybe they are those thumbnail things?

I saw an upgrade called "know what prices to buy" or something. I was hoping it would allow me to setup a max price to auto buy and have some manager position i could hire for. That would make the later game a little more hands off and more about inventory management than doing times tables in my head. 

You're right, the tickets lack clarity. I'll add something UI-wise to show it's a money.  
In term of automation, I had more ideas, I wanted it to become more automatable. I didn't have enough time though before the end of the game jam, so I guess I'll add it in an update. 
Thanks for your input :)

Good but too long I think. It became boring to wait for new upgrade. But still it still a good idea

It was really fun. I've just had to restart a few times, I kept on running out of "money"

Perhaps make a really cheap to free first item that one could build up to until they could afford the 100+ ticket items, or if they mess up and only have a few tickets?


I toyed with the idea, with the potato at just 1 ticket. But as the game advance I find it harder to lose, and I wanted the player to feel the "running out of money". I'll tweak it a bit, thanks

I lost a lot, I guess I suck a bit :)
Even still, I had fun while doing it. Thanks for all the work you put into it!